With Certification this past Tuesday, I-940 is Headed to the Legislature and hopefully, the Ballot!

Many people at the “Not This Time” I-940 Party on Wednesday Night said that this certification, was really complete and utter validation of the work that Mothers for Police Accountability (MFPA) has been working on for over 25 years. As part of a coalition of organizations state-wide, organized by Not This Time, Mother’s joined thousands of Washingtonians, committed to the notion of Police Accountability and Justice.

By providing training in addition to accountability the initiative doesn’t seek to punish police officers who do their job correctly—only officers responsible for unjustified shootings.

After missing the mark in 2016 and reorganizing into Deescalate Washington and finally getting the required signatures in 2017, state legislators will now have the first shot at deciding whether to write I-940 into law.

“We still have work to do” says, Rev. Harriett Walden, Founder of MAPH. “The legislature will most certainly pass on writing this into law, so our next challenge will be to get out the vote in November”

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