“We will be ready to go on Monday”, said Island Soul Owner Teddy Martin, over the phone when asked about the announcement that people in Washington state can now get cocktails to-go during the coronavirus pandemic under new guidelines. Restaurants are now rushing to get operations ramped up, calling back bar managers, and ordering plastic cups & lids like most of us rushed to get toilet paper last month.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board announced Wednesday restaurants with a “Spirits, Beer, and Wine (S/B/W)” license can sell pre-mixed cocktails to-go during the coronavirus stay-at-home order.

The cocktails can be delivered or picked up, just like getting take out from a restaurant. But, there are several restrictions in place to ensure people are not drinking and driving. 

Yuki & Miki Sodos, owners of Bang Bang Kitchen, also could not have been happier about the announcement. “This is a much-needed lifeline and we expected to work well with our existing to-go kits”.

Here are the requirements for getting a cocktail to-go: 

  • People must order a complete meal with the pre-mixed cocktail order. 
  • The cocktails must be packaged in a container with a secure cap or lid to prevent consumption without the removal of the cap or lid. For instance, lids with sipping holes or openings for straws are not allowed. 
  • The pre-mixed beverages must be placed in the trunk of the vehicle or where the driver isn’t able to access it, like under a seat or in the backseat. 
  • People providing the pre-mixed cocktails and those getting the cocktails must be 21 or older. 

All of the pre-mixed cocktails must contain a customer warning on the packaging explaining that the drinks cannot be consumed in a vehicle and must be kept in the trunk or another secure location in the vehicle out of reach of the driver. 

The new guidelines will remain in place through the stay-at-home order.  

Read more about the guidelines, here.