Seattle – Over 60 volunteers came out give their time to the 9th grade class Report Card Conference (RCC).  The RCC is an event that takes place 3 times per year, usually a week after grades come out, where 9th graders have a chance to voluntarily discuss their grades and goals with a community member. 

The event is set up similar to a speed pitch competition or speed dating, where each student has 10 minutes (or More) to review their performance and set goals for the upcoming term or the next school year.  Many students do not have a parent or other adult to ask these questions and even if they do, it is refreshing to have a non-judgmental adult to help them gather their thoughts.  As part of the goal setting exercise, a “Affirmation” form is completed where students affirm positive performance by writing down a list of items they will “Continue” to do moving forward. 

In addition to goal setting and review, the session is also a time to gather valuable feedback for teachers and school administrators.  Students can report discrepancies and note areas that can be improved.  This is the type of feedback that many students might not have the voice to express directly to the faculty.  Via the feedback process, the students also complete a “We Need to Talk” form where they can acknowledge shortcomings and a willingness to address them. 

“Our teachers value this direct, yet indirect feedback from students”, says Heather Snookal, GHS Transformational Facilitator.  “Students are able to relay concerns, feelings and feedback, without confrontation.  Teachers follow up on the forms and use them as a catalyst for conversation.” 

The event happens 3 times a year at GHS and the upcoming sessions are:

– Monday, February 26th, 2018

– Monday, April 30th, 2018

Volunteers are asked to be available for the entire day from AM to PM, however, half day slots are available as well. 

If you would like to volunteer please visit: to sign up!

Photos from the Fall 2017 Report Card Conference at Garfield High School on Monday, November 27th. 



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