Southeast Seattle resident and current candidate for the 37th Legislative District Chukundi “Kun” Salisbury recently launched his #ThisHouseIsNOTForSale campaign to strike back against ruthless developers using the cover of COVID-19 to aggressively and deceptively pressure the area’s residents into selling their homes.

Buyers’ tactics have escalated from sending letters of interest to local homeowners to making numerous, harassing phone calls, leaving “friendly” notes on doors, and – most unnerving of all – making “surprise” visits designed to force residents into acquiescing to developers’ demands.

When asked why he launched the #ThisHouseIsNOTForSale campaign, Salisbury shared the story a neighbor who found bags of candy along with solicitations, presumably because the developer knew she has small children. 

Salisbury added, “It was then I realized how comfortable these people were in crossing the line; if developers from Bellevue were unbothered by the idea of using the coronavirus as an excuse to target our elders and other economically vulnerable neighbors, then there really was no limit to how low they’d go.”  Many of his neighbors are feeling anxious and uncertain during these times and this was a tangible effort to help draw a line in the sand.

He continued, “These people need to understand that the Central Area and Southeast Seattle will not stand by and allow itself to be gentrified any further – especially not by the kind of people willing to use a pandemic for a land grab.” 

In addition to the signs, Salisbury will be working with King County Assessor John Wilson to get the word out regarding programs to allow community elders to age in place and what do when coming in contact with aggressive developers.

Homeowners in the 37th district and beyond looking to support and participate in Salisbury’s “anti-disaster capitalism” campaign can visit to order their free #ThisHouseIsNOTForSale posters, to display in their windows.

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