In Seattle and across the nation Black students and other students of color are suspended from school in significantly disproportionate numbers to their representation in the school population. Black students only make up 4.8 percent of all students in Washington State, however they make up 8.6 percent of all suspensions for behavior issues.   While this is clearly unfair, it does not take a genius to connect the dots that less time spent in the classroom will eventually effect how much is learned.  That combined with other well know biases contributes to lower graduation rates, test scores, and a host of other problems facing youth of color.    To its credit the Seattle School’s rates are dropping, but some contend that its not fast enough.   To keep a constructive conversation about this issue going, there is going to be a round table discussion with stakeholders from the education community on January 30th at El Centro De La Raza on Beacon Hill in Seattle.   The event is powered by the Washington State “People of Color” commissions including the Commission on African American Affairs, Commission on Asian & Pacific Islander Affairs, and the Commission on Hispanic Affairs.   The event is FREE and open to the community from 1PM to 3:30PM.

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Discipline rates by Race in the Seattle Area (via the Seattle Times)


Full Article on Discipline Rates in the Seattle Times.